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Friday, October 08, 2004

loving my work..and all that...

I'm so bored at work, though this is not the first time i get to feel this way, i'm still not used to it. Don't get me wrong, I am a trainer-by profession, and how I love it. But of course, with my nature of work, it's seasonal, there are days wherein you can't even have a break anymore because of piled modules you have to customize, but more often than not, are times wherein you're so lax, you'll die of much idle time. I always wanted to be a teacher, a job majority of people despise because it won't give you lots of money, won't even give you fame, what other people don't realize is that it's the kind of work which gives much fulfillment to a person's life. I'm getting sentimental again, but what I can do, I'm a certified feeling person. Being a Trainer somehow made my dream come true, i'm into teaching, telling stories, sharing experiences, knowledge and theories, and most important of all, I get to touch peoople's lives without them knowing it. I've been with this job for almost 5 years already, but never did I felt any regret i've chosen this field. The job description suits my personality and work style--being people oriented and being capable of communicating with different kinds of people, I know I could never go wrong. The pay is good, compensation is better, not to mention it satisfies maslow's hierarchy of needs, if only workload will be more tight, and hectic...well, bored..that's what I am now..."la la la la la la...


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