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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My First

Wow, i still can't believe i have my own blog already, i mean i've heard about it about a hundred times but it's only now i got so interested, i created my own.

And since this is my first entry, i would like to write something about my buddy who made this thing possible, ok, i must admit i got envious after reading his blog, i decided rightaway i should have one too...

Thanks Kiko (you know i'm not used in calling you Anche, it's just too girly, soft and weak for me)for introducing me to the blogworld, from the moment I was able to chat with you at chatzy, I knew right there and then that we'll be friends, you see that's something you have to be proud of, after all it's not everyday i get to be that friendly with a total stranger hahaha! I can't thank you enough for all the laughters we've shared, you're just way too funny i dunno' where you got that talent. Thanks for your sensitivity, you surely know when to talk and when to listen, you always have the right words to say and you have your own way of saying things in a direct manner without being offensive. Thanks for your patience, i know i could be bitch goddess at times but still you manage to keep my feet on the ground by letting me understand the ways of life. Thanks for getting in touch from time to time, it doesn't matter if it's just a plain hi or hello, i want you to know i do appreciate it.

With this, I can't wait anymore to fill my blogsite with lots of ideas, memories, opinions, and stories...happy reading, ciao!


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