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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

baclaran church

since i'm not really that busy at work (not that i always am, i might as well put into writing some of my thoughts, regardless if it's good or bad..nyay!

i went to baclaran church yesterday, i dunno why, i just felt that i had to, thus finding myself in front of the church, murmuring some wishful thinking only me can decipher. i just felt sad, lonely, alone, pathetic yesterday, i felt i had to go somewhere that though i wasn't that familiar with the area, i got all the courage i had to commute alone once again, i wasn't that bad yesterday, i didn't ask for any direction, i guess it was because at the back of my mind, i was so eager and decided as to where i was up to (i must be so lonely then!).

well, i didn't really enter the church per se, i settled instead to the little chapel wherein you could light as many candles as you want, i got 6 candles, and lighted it one by one, with a little prayer in each aspect of my life (i won't go into details anymore, 'twas a secret already between me and the big boss above).

suffice to say, i felt great after that, putting my excess baggage behind, letting go of those not so good events, situations, and even people, for me to be able to start a merry new year (hey, chinese new year is yet to come so i was not really so late for this stuff), i promised a lot of things as well, and i just hope i'd be able to keep all of it, i just knew that i will...


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