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Thursday, January 20, 2005

psst... i miss you na!

coming from an exclusive school for girls almost all my life made me kinda uptight and tense whenver i'm relating with the opposite sex, one of the not so major difficulties i am experiencing whenever i get to conduct a training.

not that i'm scared of guys, actually i could name, well, a few whom i could share my deepest and darkest secrets with, not that it's many. but you know being close to my guy buddies made me somehow protective regarding their so called lovelife, i could even pass as their moms, but then, as long as their happy, no prob with me...

so what am i up to? well...i just miss a guy buddy, it's been a while since i last talked to him, and though he's claiming to be just busy with school stuff and some family thingie, a part of me is tampo pa din...

nevertheless, there are things i wanna say to him, (well, being so egoistic and all, i rarely express my gratitude to someone, it's just not my thing)i'd like to thank him for being so patient, i know i've been a nag, especially during times i was at his car, for putting up to all my demands, i always end up acting like a brat, for being so honest, he has his own way of saying things to me without being offensive, for making me less conceited, he's right, a little competition with others won't hurt...and for making me feel like a queen, even if most of the time, i don't act like one...

oist, i miss you na!


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