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Thursday, February 10, 2005

random thoughts

*i received an e-mail from one of my friends, it's a love story about the one who got away, and finding a better version of that someone. being the hopeless romantic that i am, well, i almost cry after reading it, i just hate confrontations and saying goodbye afterwhich, i'm just not good at that and i don't think i'll ever be. i may be tough outside, but i'm such a softee inside, i guess i'm just afraid to be hurt that's why i always pretend that i'm alright, being perceived as a weakling is the last thing i wanna be in the eyes of people around me, now is that good or bad?

* i spent some quality moments with two of my bestest friends last weekend. after more or less 10 years, it's only now i got to sleepover in their house after they left our place, suffice to say, i was so excited and happy our scheds eventually met. i had so much fun with them, it's just like the old times, my childhood life won't be complete without them after all, i don't think i'll be able to forget monopoly,jackstone,piko, and fishball, these are the things
that completed our days then. anyway, i'm planning to spend some time with the capili family again, anytime sooner i guess while len is still single hehe, i don't think pau would allow her to be our activity partners pa din ni ness, not when both of us are haunting, err looking lol.

* everything is set already for the tagaytay trip next weekend, i'm really looking forward to it since it's been almost a year that i've visited tagaytay, plus i just knew that i'll be having so much fun,
with those peeps who'll be joining the trip, i've got no doubt. the place wherin we'll stay is very nice too, if everything will be fine, i might suggest that place as well to our scheduled family outing by june.

* everyone is getting maried...i dunno' why, i'm happy for them though, at least now i know that some almost fairy tales stories really do come true, hindi man sa 'kin, at least to my loved ones...

* it's aba's birthday on sunday, feb 13th, family gathering again huh. aba is my 4th sis, and my newly found roommate hehehe. she may not be the prettiest among all of us, but i believe that she's the most intelligent one, very maabilidad, and very tough. she's the independent and the most quiet one, that's why i'm happy to have her as my new roommate, we just complement each other so much hehehe, i talk a lot, she listens so much, i'm cheering for san miguel, she'll go for ginebra no matter what, i'm opinionated and tactless, she's diplomatic, and cautious. love you girl! as promised, as soon as i fix my sched, we'll have bonding session. basta, no boyfriend muna huh!


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