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Friday, April 08, 2005


alright, this one is so late already, we'll have another trip again next week :p, well, i was just too lax, and lazy and restless these past few days, i can't find any inspiration at all to post some thoughts here, lemme try though...

*tagaytay trip 2 was more fun (sorry peeps from batch1), interesting and hilarious. maybe since that was the second trip already, we knew what to expect na, what to do, and what not to do. we had more time to explore tagaytay, more time to enjoy the pool, and more people to laugh with:)

thanks gels! it was such a nice girl bonding for us, as usual chelo was very organized, she took care of us financially hahaha, she woke up late alright but very well compensated it by inviting more peeps and coordinating the trip. i had a nice time with patty (my ever reliable bitchy sistah!), i know that she's not feeling so well-havin' some heart issues lately but still, she exerted much effort to be one of us and enjoy the trip (remind me to buy you some pain killer girl). nice to see anne again too, since it's been a while since we last spent some quality time together (no prob girl, we'll have more trips sooner, just make sure to file your leaves hahaha--me--bad influence!). and last but definitely not the least, anna (the girl na nasa loob ang kulo), next time i'll make sure that we'll have support group again (we could bad mouth guys until such time magsawa tayo! hehe).

thanks guys! i had a great time with you as well, i was just glad to have seen two of my most fave guys in the world spending some quality time together (mwah to you kiko and luther), next time again, next time:) i can't thank enough ross for making me her fave model, whew, those stolen shots, i won't be able to forget him, as in! i felt i wasn't given the chance to be at my best in front of his camera (good thing, you have the face i could die for hahaha. i had superb moments with noni too, twas nice meetin' you-new playmate, have i told you, i so love your shirt? :p, i hope to see you again! thanks glenn and friend----you surely know how to make me tipsy, lagi niyo kong nilalaglag sa game natin hahaha, i had a nice time, thank you:)

next trip: --->antipolo next week, galera on may, can't wait:)

* i accidentaly posted this one to quentin's blogsite:p, siyempre pa, i called him rightaway, nag panic agad ako hehehe


Blogger shadesofizebox said...

wow.. this is so late.. parang nabasa ko na yung mga blogsites ng ibang peeps.. tapos ikaw ngayon lang.. hehehe.. but its all good.. hehehe.. you really like to see me and kiko bonding.. unity in diversity.. hehehe.. am i right? hehehe.. oh well.. im also looking forward into the next trips..

11:22 AM  
Blogger Quentin said...

magpost ka naman ng bago, bruha ka

9:07 PM  

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