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Monday, February 21, 2005

tagaytay trip

i had so much fun last weekend, sabi nga ni francis nakakamaga ng tiyan sa kakatawa=)

the place wherein we stayed was superb, even the owners were nice, and also the katiwala , si mang willy. prior to the said trip, i was kinda nervous since the number of would be pax' still way below 12, but then thanks to chelo, she really made an effort to invite more peeps to tagaytay.

sobrang bonding kami ng girls, though this isn't the first time i'll be seeing chelo and badette, still we had some fun pa din. i like erah, she's way too nice, and sabi nga ni mike-thoughtful hahaha! she was the one who cooked rice for us and though it didn't turned out the way we expected to be, ok lang girl, effort pa din yan! i so love patty- she's right, soul sister ata kami, not to mention na we have so many things in common, including one particular guy har har (akala niya patty,makakaiskor siya ha!).

the guys had fun as well, obvious ba, lasingan ito! wasted na nga yun iba (hmmmp). luther joined us, but he went back to manila after swimming for some family gathering, still appreciated the effort to be with us though, thanks for the chocolate and also the pics...sobrang nice! nice to know that francis enjoyed it too, i was kinda worried with him, he've been feeling down for the past few days, so i felt i have to do something to cheer him up, and knowin' how snob he could get, i was just happy to know na bonding to the max siya with the guys (nasakyan mo sila kiko?!). thanks also to zack, he suffered a lot esp. with the seating arrangement sa van, i bet sumakit ears niya sa voice at kaingayan ko, next time, find another sit na lang hehehe. well, if there's one thing, he was the one who prepared our dinner, ihaw to the max, salamat uli! i have to mention quels and his frind, mike too, since when they arrived, dun nag start ang mas madaming kalokohan, tinalo ko sa icebreaker! i won't especially forget mike's kodak moment when i was telling a story, and naka open mouth niya hahaha. and well si quels, let's just say hindi pa din niya ko kaya (go figure!)

we're planning for another tagaytay trip...hopefully on april 16 and 17...i can't wait