snichel..out of nowhere

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


yes, i admit, i am mushy...(thanks ms.o!)

Each one of us is but one half of a complete soul. It is said that when a soul descends on earth, it splits in two, each half inhabiting separate bodies and will never be complete or whole again until they find one another.

I found my soulmate. I found that one person who made me smile, who encouraged my hopes and dreams, who understood me, who made me whole.

My friend, you are my soulmate and I refuse to believe otherwise. You, who understood my imperfections perfectly, who listened while I ranted on about life’s unfairness, and who gave space when I needed it, but was always around when I needed an ear, a shoulder.

I don’t know if what you are to me is what I am to you. I just know that there is a connection between us that neither one of us can explain.

I am sorry that your logical mind doesn’t believe in the concept. Laugh at me if you must. But my faith will be enough for both of us.

And if we can’t have this lifetime, I promise that the next will be ours.