snichel..out of nowhere

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

summer once again

due to quentin's request...

i feel hot, as in so hot! i wanna take a bath every hour if only it's possible *sigh*.

i don't think i've enjoyed summer before as i am having so much fun right now. well, i could say i've been with different places already this summer thought it's not even in it's halfway, how lucky can i get huh!

my dad is complaining already since they can't get through me na nor see me na pakalat kalat sa house, especially during weekends. i'm now feeling guilty since i don't get to spend some quality time with my family anymore, i even made a pass to last week's family outing since i made a commitment already with some friends goin' to pagudpud, ilocos.

i'm also feeling guilty since i'm enjoying water so much (whatever form it is), i have to remind myself that i'll be the maid of honor to my cuzin'z and bestfriend's wedding, well, unless i'm visioning myself to be the blackest maid of honor ever to grace a grand wedding, ewww, it doesn't seem to be that promiseing since i have my eyes all set to the best man hahaha (wish ko lang, ferdie is still single!).

been to tagaytay (3x), bohol, pagudpud,ilocos, batangas, antipolo, laguna alread. now looking forward to galera, antipolo (again next week), tagaytay (again next month), and san fabian. wooohhhh, i really feel so hot! anyone, any idea aside from taking a bath? :p