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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the classic mentos in me

i won't consider the first quarter of this year that good. well, i was able to go to boracay, and spent some quality time with two of my closest girlfriends, but then it was in boracay too where i lost my closest guy buddy.

let me give you an update regarding my personal life:

guy no. 1 (shaider) - i guess it's too late now, because when i finally decided to talk, shaider seemed to have changed his mind already, it's as if he didn't know annie anymore, he's staying as far away from me as possible. i wanted to talk, clear things up once and for all, but he didn't want to, and no matter what i say, everything falls on deaf ears.

for the record, i asked him out twice already, didn't get any out of those two but excuses and rejection. i even had a family problem resulting to paglalayas and desperately called him because i assumed i could depend on him but nada, zilch, i just received a missed call and a very cold comfort from him.

now, sino ang may sabi na mag bf lang ang nagbe-break? well, as friends, technically, nag break na din kami.

but for whatever its worth, i know shaider loved annie, it may not be in the same manner that annie have wanted him to, but still annie knows that he cares.

guy no. 2 (francis the jerk)- true, we're in touch now. needless to say, we're working so hard to be friends again, after all, we started as one.

guy no. 3 (wisely-not-so-great)- well, as of yesterday, he said goodbye already. according to him, as much as he loves to be with me, he just couldn't because he still have much issues from the past that must be resolved. bottomline is he can't commit.

really, i couldn't have it all, work-wise, i'm doing so well, my bosses are so proud of me.

i'm so sick and tired of mediocre better than nothing relationships. i swear i'm moving on. i'm tired of always tryin' to understand this guy's immaturity or that that guy's busy schedule or this moron's issues about relationships. i wanna be swept away, i deserve to be swept away. i wanna take as much as i give- i am that worthy. if the guy will make me feel otherwise, for sobbing out loud, i'll dump him, i will make him see that i mean business, that i will no longer put up with his bs, if he won't beg to be taken back, it will not be my loss, i'm way too special and fabulous to be wasting my time on a jackass who makes me feel like a crap.


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