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Monday, May 15, 2006

this is really nice;)

list 21 people who are at the top of your head rightnow, and then answer the questions.

1. quentin
2. chelo
3. junie
4. patty
5. gian carlo
6. carlo
7. tin
8. florence
9. badette
10. ronald
11. anna
12. farah
13. luther
14. jeanette
15. guia
16. cla
17. marge
18. denis
19. inna
20. gino
21. sheen

how did you meet 12? back in kinder

what would you do if you never met 6? it's fine, i'll live hehehe

what would you do if 20 and 9 dated? haha, interesting, i've been bugging gino lately na set up ko siya ng date :D

did you ever like 11? anna is one of my most fave friends:)

would 4 and 13 make a good couple? ha! now this is hilarious, pwede, kaya lang i was so greedy then, who knows, kung hindi ako nag-epal, baka sila na ngayon harhar

describe 8. super nice, very gentleman, sobrang simple, i guess he's fond of me, kaya nga he's sticking with me eh hehehe

do you think 14 is attractive? yes, ask niyo pa si melencio nyahaha

tell me something humiliating about 17. nothing major, pero naman, if i am talkative, lalo na siya, as in don't give her the liscense to talk, otherwise, you won't get to hear the end of her tragic stories grrr

do you know any of 3's family members? yes, and i love them, as a matter of fact, welcome akong maging additional family member, si yaya lang kase eh--may attitude problem hahaha

what's 21's favorite color? peach or baby blue?! not sure

on a scale of 1-10,how hot is 10? errr baby ko yan eh :D

what would you do if 18 confesses he likes you? he did already, calm lang,he knows i'm not ready yet sa mga ganyan

what language does 20 speak? tagalog, and english i guess

who is 9 going out with? she's not dating right now, she just came from a bad relationship

what grade is 16 in? she looks like shes in grade school but shes workin already :)

when's the last time you talked to 13? 2 months and 12 days

what is 2's favorite band/singers? there's a lot... i think

would you ever date 5? people always assume we're a couple, what the heck--he's my first cousin, one of my favorites

would you ever date 1? why not...pero incest yun eh, he's the brother i've never had, nun yun, nung hindi pa siya ermitanyo

what is 19's last name? cervantes

what school does 7 go to? she went to ateneo

where does 15 live? pasig

are number 7 & 8 best friends? no, they dunno each other

do you like 6? yes, i do, he looks like dingdong dantes hehe, but way too young for me, 22?! grrr


Blogger eventuallypretty said...

hoi! of all the people naman, hindi rin mangyayari ang mga iniisip mo dahil isa siyang ... nevermind. alam mo na yun.

10:10 PM  
Blogger kalypso said...

ganda naman ng tanong saken... hmp!

5:13 PM  
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