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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Taking Chances

Each of us has our own comfort zones. A place where we feel safe, secure and protected. A place we return to when things do not seem to turn out the way we expect it to. A place we call our sanctuary.The need to feel safe is inherent in man. For nine months, we are nurtured in our mother’s womb, cared for and loved. Once outside, our parents guide us from the moment we take our first steps up to the time we come of age. By then, we have built our own defenses, have developed our own way of coping with life’s harsh realities.

Some of us never leave this place of comfort. Too scared to get hurt, too weak to even want to endure the pain of living, these people opt to live in a shell. They go about their everyday life, not deviating from their daily routine. Alive, but not really living.

But some actually venture out of their shells and experience the world. There are those who go through life cautiously, taking one step at a time. But others go through it head on. They fall, they get scratched and bruised. They retreat to that safe place to lick their wounds. But they stand back up and go out to face the world once more. Living, for them, is an adventure. Not afraid to take risks, to take chances.

Taking chances. With people, with love, with life. It isn’t everyday that we get the chance to do certain things and meet certain people. If we don’t, we may miss out on one of life’s many surprises.

Life isn’t meant to be lived in rose gardens and cushions. It is too short to let it slip by without experiencing its rough roads, uphill climbs and sharp curves. Take a chance! Who knows, one of us could be the next president of the United States, or the next Margaret Thatcher, or the next man on the moon. And risk to love! It isn’t really living without loving. Risking to love also means there’s the risk of pain. After all, we have to endure rain before we actually see the rainbow.

Take chances. Go out. Meet people. Build friendships. And care. Who knows, The One we are looking for may just be around the corner, or at the next bend.

With these words I’ve written, I found the answer to the question that’s been bugging me since. I’m taking a chance on you, sad eyes, sad voice and all. You may be one messed-up soul right now. But I’ve got a feeling that you will turn out to be one heck of a friend someday.

i look into your eyes, so far away, there’s trouble on your mind, your losing faith, hey now, let me hold you, it will be okay….

olabs 05, m a y 25

to shaider

what the hell are we doing? let's make it easier for both of us and just settle this once and for all...

dream on just couldn't possibly ask him that, you're too coward to even make a move, admit it, you can't live without that damn friendship, you'll take what you can just because you're scared of totally losing him, so you've no choice but enjoy the hellish ride.

pathetic, that's what i am