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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank You!

Dear All

I don't bet what i can't afford to lose (then)

I'd like to thank you friends for checking on me, yeah, i still feel sad, and i still cry- i cry when i take a bath, i cry when i chat, i cry when i'm about to sleep, i cry when i work, yes, i cry---a lot, because i have fallen in love with somoene i should not have fallen in love with, i should have listened to all of you.

Lessons learned, i'd like to say moving on, how i wish it's that easy though.

Thank you Farah, Gene and Anna- i tried to deny it at first but i guess you knw me too well, lying would be such a waste of time. We've been friends for say, 15 years already, and i want you to know that though this isn't the first time you've seen in me in my weakest moment, i love you all for bearing with my rantings and whinings, and sticking with me even if i'm not the easiest girl friend to be with these past few days.

Thank you Chelo, Patty, Anna, Jeanette, Joy and Badette- i love you that you believe in me and trust me. I love you that i can really be blunt and you wouldn't hate me for it. I love you that i can be hard on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside I love you that i can act stupid, not ashamed to admit it and you'd still call me your own. I love you that you're all loyal to me, you're willing to give up stuff just so i could be happy. I love you that i could be chelo, queenkatie, and annie all the same time and you would still accept and love me for who i am.

Thank you Francis (the beautiful mind)- you're right, i guess i'm partly to be blamed, i went with the flow and look where it have gotten me. Thank you for taking time to know how i am, you just don't how much i appreciate it, please don't make me cry again anytime soon, i don't want you to leave and you know that.

Thank you Glenn- for keeping me sane, and for giving me those reality checks, i swear i could curse you for being so honest, it makes me sick most of the time.

Thank you Ms. Car, Ms. Jack, Ms. Olive and Ms. Ella- for listening, for cheering, and for continuously boosting my morale. I've done my part already, you'll be so proud of me;)


IzeQueen ( remember the nick chelo? i've met the guy who finally melted the ice out of me, will tell you more of him when we get to talk- the guy with the big heart, and though it meant to do good, he's also bound to break hearts...i should know, he broke mine without him knowing it:( )