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Thursday, February 09, 2006

and he did it again

november 2005

the jerk: is it possible for you to refer me to one of your friends? you know, i mean i'm not a bad guy naman and you know that

me: no, i don't think i could refer you to one of my friends, it's improper since may "past" tayo

the jerk: ok, i hope to see you soon though

me: fine

january 2006

the jerk: hi, how are you?

me: i'm fine, how about you?

the jerk: kinda busy at work. hmn, chel, i just wanna ask, given the chance, would you do it again with me

me: i dunno, will you?

the jerk: yes, i would love to

me: ok

the jerk: i've changed my mind, call me names and all, but i guess, nachicken ako.

february 2006

the jerk: how are you?

me: hmn, fine i guess, weird, why are you askin'?

the jerk: are you mad at me? coz you didn't answer my text message the last time

me: err because i have nothing good to say that time. supposedly, i should be mad at you, you've been a jerk and all, but nah, it's just not me. i also don't think we're that ok, since we really haven't gotten the chance to really talk about what happened.

the jerk: i think we're both ok na, what's up with you?

me: you know what? miss ko yun times na we get to talk ng wala lang, i mean we had fun when we first went out, naisip ko lang na sana we didn't do it na lang, we could have been good friends now.

the jerk: there's nothing we could do about it anymore. chel, i wanna ask someone from pex again, can you refer me someone na ok?

me: i dunno if you've understand what i've told you before when you asked if i could refer one of my friends to you. again, i won't do it for the simple reason na may "past" tayo, something na hanggang ngayon, unresolved pa din and unclear. and till such time you'll know how to treat a girl properly, you won't get any good recommendations from me. for someone so smart, i'm so disappointed with you. and nah, i don't think we could be good friends. you made me feeli like a trash then, and you're still making me feel that way now, know what? i've just realized na hindi ako ang unworthy, it's you. wherever life may lead us from here...goodluck!

the jerk: i'm sorry, i thought you was just kidding then. i apologize for that