snichel..out of nowhere

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

happy meal

sheen: i've a new happy meal
queenie: ows?
sheen: yup, he's from ateneo, gorgeous, and very smart
queenie: uhuh, good for you:)
sheen: but it's not us yet, you know happy meals---they're always undecided
queenie: couldn't agree with you more friend;)

yup, you've read it right, we call them happy meal, those guys na ang age range is 21-25, may toy ka na, happy ka pa:) couldn't blame us, may mga girls ata na sadyang kid magnet talaga harharhar.

with happy meal, it's seasonal, there's peak and off peak season, it's limited, not always available, and is hard to find. it's expensive too, and something that could be added to your collection.

again happy meal--may toy ka na, happy ka pa (yummy)!