snichel..out of nowhere

Monday, May 29, 2006

moving on

today, i've seen the guy i've whined and rant about for almot 3 months, and surprisingly, i didn't feel anything, it's as if i'm numb already when it comes to him. he still looks the same, couldn't say though that he still act the way he used to before when we were still "close".

it was awkward, no, make it very awkward, it's as if we dunno each other, we couldn't find anything to say except of "what's new?"

we talked about our common friends, families, work, but never we did talked about what happened between "us".

it was nice seen' him again, if only for the reason that now, i could finally say i'm over him.

yes by, natalo na nga ni spiderman si shaider:D