snichel..out of nowhere

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear Mom

You see me everyday...with many faces...
In many roles...possessing various responsibilities...
I am your daughter.

I am your daughter no. 1
Occupying a full time position
Allocated to the room beside the masters bedroom
But I have a name and distinct personality too, just like you.

If I complain about a petty thing,
Maybe I am saying more than you hear:
That I am a human being, with feelings.
And just like you,
I want attention too.

I'll accept your criticism when I've done wrong,
But how i wish you would praise me
When I've done right.
I'm just like you.
I crave for compliments too.

When I belabor a point that seems unimportant,
Maybe what I am really saying
Is that I consider my opinion important.
And I'm just like you,
I wnat someone to listen to me too.

And when a new rule is implemented
And i rebel against the change
Maybe I honestly don't know why.
You see, I'm just like you,
I want my questions answered too.

Some days you smile and some days you frown.
And I understand;
Your life is full of good days and bad days.
Do you understand I have good and bad days too,
I'm just like you.

And when i gripe about this or that,
Please don't write me off as a "black sheep".
I'm just like you,
I need to let off steam too.

And If I ask something of you,
And you know it can't be done,
Please don't try to "con" me,
Remember I'm just like you,
I'd rather hear no than a maybe that never comes true.

If sometimes I don't show initiative, there may be a reason.
Maybe I'm confused and really don't understand,
What you want me to do,
I'm just like you,
At times I need direction too.

Sometimes I rebel when you criticize me,
For something I've done wrong-and you're probably right,
But that tone of your voice and the words you utter can destroy my day.
Remember, I'm just like you,
I want respect too.

If this letter sounds like I placed all the blame in you,
Then I've failed to say what i mean.
I just wanted to tell you,
From my point of view,
All in all, i'm just like you.